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Experienced and proven business advisors, Gilbert Robertson from Your Success, and Craig Wilson from Quality Tourism Development, have developed a business advisory package designed to directly benefit your tourism business in today’s environment.

It has not been easy for tourism providers, but amidst the chaos, opportunity knocks.

Through a two-part set of one-on-one advisory meetings, we give you the map to your success.

We work together towards the following outcomes for your tourism business:

  • Improved business resilience
  • Peace of mind
  • The ability to continue to provide New Zealanders with an experience of a lifetime
  • A solid positioning to provide your experience to international visitors when the opportunity arises.

Read on below to find out more about what the two-parts set of one-on-one advisory meetings involve, or get in touch with us to find out more.

Questioning assumptions, market segments, and a sustainable future.

Explore and understand opportunity and risk in your tourism business so you are building the best possible foundation going forward.

 – Create a refreshed vision so you know exactly where you want to go with your business

 – Assess market segments you operate in so you can identify and understand opportunities

 – Look into opportunities around current and future distribution channels

 – Review product pricing and terms of sale so you know what you are offering is appealing to your market

 – Understand areas of opportunity by understanding the key issues the business is facing, so you can establish clear business objectives

 – Evaluate your financial sustainability based on new high-level revenue estimates for your peace of mind.

Establishing targets and implementing.

In this part of the workshop, you will work through four sessions to help you get going. Gain a solid understanding of what you need to do to get to where you are going.

Redefine your business assumptions and scope of your business
Your business model and cashflow is based on things we assume to be true. We help you understand if your current business assumptions apply going forward and how to change them if you need to.

Redefine your product offering and pricing structure
Review your product offer then implement changes that better reflect the needs of new market segments and their levels of demand, while preserving higher yield options for when international visitors return.

Develop a concise marketing plan
Answer questions about your target customer and what makes you special or unique. Develop a concise marketing plan that makes the most of free and affordable promotional channels and ensures that any spend is going to be in the right places to achieve maximum benefit.

Develop a budget and cashflow scenarios
Having strong cashflow enables you to act quickly on important decisions. At the end of this section, we work with you to develop a 24-month cashflow plan based on your updated assumptions and marketing plan. We help you develop three scenarios, looking at the good, bad, and very bad. So, you have a clear understanding of your business trajectory supported by strategies to help you achieve revised budgets.

Get started by getting in touch.

We can help you with the rest. Get in touch using the link below, or call us on 03 546 9871.

This service is registered with the COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund. Find out more by visiting www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz

Success Spotlight

Rose Griffin

Founder and Owner, The Gentle Cycling Company

In her fourth year in business, Rose was looking for advice on how to shift her cycling tourism company into a higher gear.

“I was intent on having an accounting partner who worked with tourism businesses. While I was looking for accounting help, I also wanted to review our cycling package pricing, get some marketing advice, and clarify my business development goals in the short-term and future.”

“Gilbert helped me work through some of the business planning and goal setting I’d started. Then he brought Craig in and together they helped me think about building effective business systems to manage growth, my offering, and marketing.”

“I needed to be challenged,” says Rose. “I needed to sit down and review what I had done, what I had set out to do, and what I still wanted to do. He helped me clarify my own thinking and gave me confidence about where I was taking my business.”

The team at Your Success provided Rose with tailored advice suited specifically to her business.

“This was absolutely what I needed and what my company needed. The advice and assistance exceeded my expectations.

“I got everything I was expecting from Business Innovation and more. It was definitely worth it.”

“I now have the confidence to see the next five years of my business clearly, and it looks great.”

Developed by:

Your Success Business Coaching, Nelson NZ
Quality rourism development
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