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Is your business still in the dark ages when it comes to paperwork?

Let’s talk cloud-based book keeping.

Online Book Keeping Services, Nelson, NZ

Book keeping doesn’t have to be the necessary evil of running your own business. Your Success offers an online, streamlined process to take the paper out of paperwork, and make your book keeping intuitive, real-time and easy.

Introducing cloud based book keeping with Receipt Bank, Xero and Your Success.

No more wading through boxes of receipts, or weekends spent inputting endless expenses into spreadsheets. We help you get set up with Receipt Bank and Xero, then simply use your Receipt Bank smartphone app to take a photo of your receipt each time you make a purchase, and let Xero and our book keeping experts do the rest.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s explain…


Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is a smartphone app that enables you to deal with your expenses on the go. It’s fast, efficient, and cloud based.

Simply take a photo of your purchase receipt or document using your Receipt Bank App on your smartphone or device.

Receipt Bank automatically sends the image to your Xero account, where our book keeping experts take care of the rest.

That’s all there is to it.


Xero is one of the leading online accounting software platforms, which provides a super easy, streamlined and forward thinking system for SMEs to get on top of their financials.

Once your receipt has been photographed, it whisks its way through the cloud to your Xero account, where Your Success bookkeepers allocate the receipt to its correct account code, supplier account and GST rate.

It’s simple, streamlined and timely.

Xero isn’t just fantastic for dealing with the outgoings of your business though, it also takes care of your invoicing, inventory, client records and provides a wealth of financial reporting functions. It’s the whole 9 yards. All wrapped up in a super clean, modern interface.

And because it’s cloud based, it means it’s easy to share your financial information with your accountant. You can even do away with the headache of book keeping altogether, and let our book keeping team take care of it all.

Say goodbye to piles of paperwork, long evenings entering transactions into spreadsheets, and that frantic end of year scramble to gather all your information together for the accountant. With Xero – we’ve already got it.

The Low-down On Xero
The Low-down on Xero

Since its inception, Xero has revolutionised the book keeping process for small and medium sized businesses. Its clean dashboards, cloud-based platform and comprehensive functionality make it the ideal software for owner-operators.




These are just a handful of the features Xero has to offer, and the reasons why we are proud to be Xero Certified Advisors.

Ready to get started with OUR BOOK KEEPING PROCESS?

Are you ready to get set up with Receipt Bank and Xero? We’ll get you set up and show you how to make the most of Receipt Bank and Xero for your business. Better still, simplify your working day even more and let our Book Keeping experts take care of the paperwork, so you can get on with the fun stuff. Talk to us today about the best Book Keeping Service for you.

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