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Business coaching and advice that drives success.

Let our knowledge, love for and experience in business ownership, business leadership and business mentoring guide your success.

Our business mentor, coaching and advisory services help you understand the where you are in your businesses to help you develop a plan to get where you are going.

We mentor you to help you achieve your goals.

Enquire about a free business review today. Or, read on below to find out more about our business coaching and advice services.

Our business coaching services include:

Business Coaching with Your Success

Lite Fundamentals Coaching Programme

  • Be more organised
  • Get more work
  • Improve profits
Unlock business potential @ Yoru Success

Growth Fundamentals Coaching Programme

  • Increase growth, profitability and cashflow
  • Unlock your business potential
  • Set a plan to measure your progress.
Support for your business

On-Going Coaching

  • Support for you in your business
  • Find the time or clarity to look at the bigger picture
  • Having someone in your corner
  • Giving you accountability and support to keep you on target towards achieving your goals.

Success Spotlight

Paul Brockie

Director of Absolute Energy Insulation

Paul Brockie is assigned to the full business coaching programme from Your Success (business mentor), including Lite Fundamentals, regular meetings throughout the month and ‘on-call’ advice. The company started working with Your Success initially for monthly accounts, before moving on to business coaching.

“Gilbert brings his expertise to look at the business from the outside, helping us to focus on the direction and future of the business, and opportunities for growth. I have a lot of ideas and Gilbert helps me to piece it together and can challenge me when needed. He asks the hard questions of people.

“Gilbert’s great. When we review the monthly accounts, he’ll point out any alarm bells and also gives positive feedback when we’re nailing it.

“As part of the programme, he keeps me accountable with set targets. He knows I’m super busy, so he keeps me on track. You can end up doing what’s easy or what you like, rather than what the business needs. Gilbert is really good at helping me to focus.

“He’s also really well connected with good professional people in other fields and can connect us with the right people when the business needs it.

“Gilbert’s a fantastic guy to deal with. He understands the business really well, what I want and what I’m thinking. I’ve been with other business mentors who are not really that engaged. Gilbert is extremely enthusiastic about innovation and technology, he’s a ‘go forward’ kind of guy, who thrives on our success. We can talk to him about anything, it’s like he’s part of the team. He sees my call and he answers it. He almost treats it like it’s his own business.”

Absolute Energy is a leading supplier and installer of insulation throughout New Zealand.

Lite Fundamentals Coaching Programme

The steps involved in moving your business towards its goals can be divided into:

1. Getting more organised
2. Getting more work
3. Doing more profitable work.

Your Success’ Lite Fundamentals Coaching Programme is a good introduction to planning and is perfect for businesses looking for help achieve success.

Over the course of a year, you get six planned coaching sessions and two sessions to help with those problems that arise from time-to-time in business.

Most businesses find this as a great starting point for business coaching, especially if they have not done a lot of work on the business (just in it).

The Plan

We get to know you and your business to help create a simple plan to get you where you want to go.

The Numbers

We get to know your numbers, so you can make the numbers work for you.

Sales Plan

We look at your sales process and help you maximise sales.

Marketing Plan

We help you develop a simple marketing plan.

Your People

We help you understand how to get more out of your biggest asset.

Process Improvement

Processes are the cogs that keep the business going.  We identify areas for improvement that can help you achieve your goals faster.

“It was about working out what I should be focussing on and establishing some structure in running the business. It was a great chance for me to take a step back and take a bird’s eye view of the business, looking at what my strengths were and where I was heading.”

Sarah Hutt, Willow Floral Design

Growth Fundamentals Coaching Programme

Success is about planning. The best product or service and hard work can come to nothing if you don’t have a good plan.

This coaching programme is ideal if you want to:
• Increase your growth, profitability and cashflow in your business
• Unlock your business potential
• Measure your progress

The Growth Fundamentals is a needs-based business coaching programme that helps you realise your success.

The first step is getting to know you, over a coffee of course.

We then work through a detailed questionnaire to identify your needs, so we can provide you with a business coaching proposal tailored specifically to you and your businesses success.

In the proposal, we let you know up front how much of your time is needed for each recommendation in the plan.

Focus Days

We help you identify what you want to get out of your business.

Strategy Review

We help you understand what your vision is, develop actionable plans, and help you understand how your plan will help you achieve success.

Planning and Review

We help you gain focus, run effective meetings, continually improve, make sense of the numbers and use them to your advantage, and leverage your team.

Quality Data

We coach you to develop easy and effective business reports. We can develop job costing reports and forecast and plan for feasible scenarios in your business.

Best people, best role, best reward

We coach you to get the best out of your people. We look at your organisational structure, roles and responsibilities, performance measures, identify incentive programmes and look at staff engagement in the overall goal.


We help you understand staff, supplier and/or customer frustrations, we then create actionable plans and keep communicating with those survey participants.

Service Strategies

We coach you to get the most out of your existing customers, helping you profile and understand them, so you can attract more and know how to build relationships with them.


We work with local experts to help you understand you position in the market and help you identify how to engage with a robust marketing plan.


We help you identify bottlenecks and increase team efficiency by getting to know your business intimately.


We work with you to develop team service/quality standards, so you know quality is always being managed. We also help identify complaint procedures and review guarantees and warranties in your business.


We look at your data and identify profitable product and service lines while looking at true job costs, identify alternative revenue streams, review your products/services and pricing and what drives cash in your business.


We observe the sales process in detail to help your customer get a better sales experience and you, better results.


We help you form an advisory board to capitalise and leverage, identify risks within your business and help you plan to exit the business after getting to where you want to be.

Tax review

We look at all the data available and completed a detailed tax review and provide recommendations for improvement.

I.T Systems review

We work with local experts to conduct a detailed hardware and software review, looking at what is helping and hindering your business.

Budgeting/ forecasting

We work with you to get into detailed cash flow forecasts, so you know with confidence the current and future cash flow of your business.

Legal Audit

Alongside local experts, we review current legal parts of the business and identify areas for improvement.

“Gilbert brings his expertise to look at the business from the outside, helping us to focus on the direction and future of the business, and opportunities for growth. I have a lot of ideas and Gilbert helps me to piece it together and can challenge me when needed. He asks the hard questions of people.”

Paul Brockie, Director of Absolute Energy Insulation

On-Going Business Coaching

Let us be your sounding board.

When you’re busy in the business it can be difficult to find the time or clarity to look at the bigger picture. Having someone independent in your corner can be invaluable.

On-going coaching provides you with accountability and support to keep you on target.

How it works

We can either meet with you on an ad-hoc basis or regularly.

On a regular basis we would work together to set 90-day action plans.

In between our scheduled meetings, we’re just an email or phone call away.

The benefits of on-going business coaching

  • Keep on track with increased support
  • Increased profitability and cashflow.
  • We work with you to determine a process to report actual results against budget.
  • An understanding of the key drivers of your business and what impacts them.
  • Identifying and helping to solve your burning issues.
  • Access to an expert sounding board, so you can discuss your ideas and the impact of these prior to making any decisions within the business.
  • Keeping your business plan alive.

“We can talk to him about anything, it’s like he’s part of the team. He sees my call and he answers it. He almost treats it like it’s his own business.”

Paul Brockie, Director of Absolute Energy Insulation

Our other services:

The Three-step Business Coaching Process


Put a plan in place and get to where you want to be.

Use our three-step process to get back the things you went into business for, with our three-step business coaching process. Time. Control. Money.

Accounting And Bookkeeping Services


Understand today so you can plan for a better tomorrow.

Gain more control, know how to apply your numbers and forecast your future, with the ‘Your Success Monitor’s up-to-date and accurate insights.

Accounting And Book Keeping Service


Spend time how you want, rather than book keeping.

We streamline and simplify your book keeping and accounting, so you can focus on what you do best in your business. Let us make numbers easy for you.

“The biggest benefit has been getting in the mindset of stepping back and taking a strategic overview of your business. When you’re busy, you get so caught up in the day-to-day it just doesn’t happen.”

Steve Mckenzie, Pro Colour Painting

Don’t know where to start?

Let’s have an obligation free chat over coffee and get one step closer to finding your success.

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