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“I find the service excellent. It’s all very clear cut with lots of communication. I feel like I can make contact anytime, and if my main accountant isn’t available, I can speak with someone else in the team who is across my business and accounts.”

“Gilbert brings his expertise to look at the business from the outside, helping us to focus on the direction and future of the business, and opportunities for growth. I have a lot of ideas and Gilbert helps me to piece it together and can challenge me when needed. He asks the hard questions of people.”

“It was about working out what I should be focussing on and establishing some structure in running the business. It was a great chance for me to take a step back and take a bird’s eye view of the business, looking at what my strengths were and where I was heading.”

“I run my ideas past him, he runs the numbers and then we talk. He’ll either give me options on how to go about it, or advise me to pull pin. He’s also excellent at identifying better ways of business planning. I’m good at the big picture and Gilbert is fantastic at the detail.”

“I now have the confidence to see the next five years of my business clearly, and it looks great.”

“We can talk to him about anything, it’s like he’s part of the team. He sees my call and he answers it. He almost treats it like it’s his own business.”

“The biggest benefit has been getting in the mindset of stepping back and taking a strategic overview of your business. When you’re busy, you get so caught up in the day-to-day it just doesn’t happen.”

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